ClearHealth Medical Billing Software

Running a medical facility is a complex task given all of the things that need to happen on a daily basis for smooth operations. All the records should be filed electronically for easy database access later on. These will also be used for billing to make sure that things are transparent, complete and traceable. There are a number of programs that can be used to create electronic medical records but the commercial ones can be pretty expensive. They can also be hard to use with some not having all of the features needed for a complete solution. The ClearHealth Medical Billing Software is different as it is a comprehensive open source system.

It is currently in use in around 600 sites around the world. ClearHealth was developed by the open source community back in 2003 using the PHP programming language. It can be installed on various platforms and is available with a multilingual pack for international usage. This can be installed on computers that have Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and other operating systems. Many of its users are non-profit organizations that benefit from this powerful package without spending tens of thousands of dollars for licensing fee. They can serve their patients well and run their facilities without worrying about the electronic records anymore.

EMR Functionality

Among the features included in the package are patient dashboards that allow users to see the vital information on a single page. Every encounter can be listed including the details of each. Important things to remember such as allergies can be recorded as well to guide the doctor when making dietary and medicinal recommendations. In fact, the whole medical history and social history can be filed under the patient’s name. When new doctors take over, they won’t have to repeat a lot of questions or be in the dark about the person’s past. They can just open up the dashboard and read everything there.

The records may also contain a clinical summary, along with real-time lab results for thorough interpretation. The software can read barcode to facilitate quick entries of various documents. It can even provide decision support to make things easier for the users using logical programming. The system can be integrated with ID cards with magnetic strips for access. It can generate PDF reports and forms in a snap. Print these out of sending them via email. The data can also be shared with others such as a team of medical professionals working on a case or the patient himself through the dedicated patient portal.


Users can also organize their work schedules using ClearHealth. It has a built-in scheduling mechanism wherein you can set up various locations and enter what you intend to do at certain times. This makes it much easier to get ready when meeting patients. Instead of people waiting for hours in the lobby, they can just phone in and block a certain time for their check-up. The staff can enter their name and other details on the doctor’s itinerary for the day. The can prepare beforehand by reading the patient’s record on the electronic database.


Billing is a crucial part of running a medical facility. As much as it is about helping other people, clinics and hospitals need funds in order to stay operational. The system has to pass certain standards when it comes to security, auditing, transparency, and so on as set by governing bodies. Of course, the final arbiter will be the users who will part with things that don’t work and keep those that do. The ClearHealth medical billing software has been tried and tested by several respected organizations. They have found it to be more than sufficient for their needs. Both electronic and paper billing are possible.

Other Features

ClearHealth has many other features that users will want to explore. For instance, there are PDF templates for reports for faster release. People can make insurance-based appointment rules to optimize their schedules. It is possible to generate XML out for all objects. There is also support for visualizations in the default templates. Additional modules can be installed for document storage, lab results, customizable forms, and prescription management. The scheduling can support overbooking and viewing filters.