Deploy EClinical Works Medical Billing Software To Enhance Revenue Collection

It is arguable that medical institutions such as yours experience staff burdens and lengthy procedures beginning from client entry, recording of information all the way to billing and exit. With the ever-changing regulations and the need for precision, manual billing processes are obviously far too overburdening and can lead to lots of uncollected receivables and lost profits. The good news, however, is that with eClinical Works medical billing software, you can simplify and speed up your client billing and ensure maximum revenue collection.

Whether you are running a large clinic, medium or small hospital, eClinicalWorks is ideal for you. Its precision version supports all sorts of sizes, including large private practitioners as well as solo-provider practices. If customized and effectively managed, this billing software can help streamline your medical billing management in a way that allows your personnel to reduce the number of receivable balances and enhance collections.

The fact that all users of the software are assigned roles and different user rights based on their job description means that processes are secure and seamlessly synchronized from the reception desk to the final billing staff. It is capable of managing busy schedules in a quick and easy way through automation. You can easily copy schedules and apply to other providers. In addition, it supports smooth communication online between practitioners and payers on various aspects, including confirmation of patient eligibility and processing of claims. It ensures that claims are submitted easily and electronic payments received. It has the ability to reconcile all the information regarding patients, payer, and the outstanding receivables if any. It generates special letters for collection based on the pre-defined parameters.

It ensures that physicians and other medical staff are able to effectively manage patient flow, easy access to patient information both in-house and remotely and to ensure electronic communication with other physicians outside of the facility by supporting easy sending and receipt of consult notes and other important medical date about the patient.

When synchronized with other automated systems such as eClinicalWorks records management system, eClinical Works medical billing software guarantees users easy review of patient historical information, such as past visits, current medications, laboratory diagnostic tests undertaken and any allergies. It comes with a precision module to effectively handle and report medical reports add financial data for as many patients as possible. Its reporting capacity is robust, hence allowing users to manage and care for their clients while at the same maximizing reimbursements.

For those who have deployed automation, it is clear that eClinicalWorks have turned around the game in the electronic billing industry because of quick throughput and less costly revenue collection and management. By leveraging this awesome technology that creates efficiency and smooth workflows, eClinicalWorks is now redefining the way medical billing is done by providing billing services at a fraction of the cost.

For example, providers can now boast of a revenue collection cost of as low as 3% of all the collections made in a single month, compared to outsourced billing services that charge between 5-12 % of the total revenue collected. Although some in-house services can be costly, strenuous and time wasting, eClinicalWorks billing software eliminates all these worries to allow you focus on your core business of offering excellent medical care.

Ways in which we can help you
• Add the require modifiers to enhance your medical coding process.
• Using the electronic claims transmission feature to remain HIPAA 5010 compliant and to seamlessly send insurer specific electronic claims.
• We ensure that the claim doesn’t end once send; we ensure that it converts into a check.
• We help you evaluate all your reimbursement trends and design appropriate billing solutions that fit your specific practice and Electronic Health Records.
A quick look at our software profile reveals that our eClinicalWorks medical billing software is:
• Certified
• Accredited to handle medical recording and management of patient information
• Offers on-site eClinicalWorks EHR training to healthcare institutions
• Documents and analyses workflows to ensure that the best working practices and maintained or achieved
• Creates quick reference guides to assist in resolving common billing issues that arise on a daily basis
• Creates and updates workflow sheets to help establish efficiency and consistency
• In-built troubleshooting toolkit to allow users resolve system issues and overcome bottlenecks in the workflow